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Animal Success Stories

The Story of Piper

Piper (formerly known as McKenzie), was 2-3 months old when she was adopted from Chouteau Pound Pals. She had been picked up as a stray. Piper proved to be a bit different than the media perception of pit mixes (she hid in the bathroom the first time the other dogs tried to beat up an armadillo outside, and when the jack russell growled at her, or ANYtime anything scary happens). Piper LOVES all the other dogs, especially the small ones. We've had the occasion to foster puppies a couple of times and she would get up in the middle of the night to check on them.

Piper successfully completed 2 obedience classes at Companion Dog School of Tulsa. She took 3rd place in her first agility competition and had a perfect score of 200. Since that time she has completed her UKC Agility1 title and is working on her Agility2 title. Piper helps teach Advance Beginner Agility classes by acting as a "demo" dog. She also assists with the socialization of shelter dogs.

In March 2012, Piper stepped in to rescue a baby goat (now known as GP "Goat Puppy"), who was non-responsive when he was born and his mother wanted NO part of him. Piper licked GP until he got up and started eating. GP's "goat momma" didn't want his sisters either, so Piper took them under her wing as well. Piper and GP appeared on the cover of Tulsa Pets magazine, on News 6 in Tulsa, and on several other news outlets, including CNN. They inspired the facebook page Piper's Pit Bull Place.

Piper and GP appeared in a follow up story in Tulsa Pets magazine in November 2012. They will be featured in the sequel to the National Geographic bestseller "Unlikely Friendships," which is due out in 2013.



Meet Lily, also a CPP alumnus and Piper's step-sister!

Photo courtesy of Sonja's Photography

Lily was Heartworm positive when Julie and Nate chose to foster her through her treatment.  She soon became a permanent fur kid!

 Lily has since begun Agility training and absolutely loves it!  She competes in Division 3 (20" jumps) and in her first competition she scored a PERFECT 200 in her first run and had a time of 38.6 to clinch 1st place! In her second trial she scored a 192 and placed 2nd.  She only needs one more run with a score of 170 or above to achieve her first Agility Title.

Photo Courtesy of Sonja's Photography

Babe, the story of how a mishap became a blessing.

Photo by Sonja's Photography

Babe had been with Chouteau Pound Pals for over a year, she had been labeled "dog aggressive" and it was thought that she needed to be an only dog.  In her boredom at the pound she had a tendency to jump on the kennel panels and one day she hooked her hind foot and injured her pad and a toe.   She had surgery and went to Julie and Nate's to recuperate.  It was quickly apparent that she was NOT dog aggressive and any chance she had to get out of her crate she only wanted to engage the other dogs in play!

 She is now not only a permanent member of Julie and Nate's "pack" but she is also competing in Agility with a hind foot that is minus a couple of toes, but that doesn't slow this girl down at all.  Babe competes in Division 2 (14" jumps) and in her first trial scored a 197 (she didn't place because of her time), her 2nd trial she scored a perfect 200 and placed 3rd with a time that was less than 2/10 of a second from 1st place.  Just like her "sister", Lily, Babe only needs one more score above 170 to complete her first title.

The icing on the cake is that Babe, the "dog aggressive" Pit bull is Julie's temperament test dog at the pound!!

Photo courtesy of Sonja's Photography



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