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Precious is a Graduate of the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center's K9  Training more about Precious

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Exciting Happenings in 2019!


Chouteau Pound Pals has partnered with Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center and their K9 Training Program!  Dogs from the Chouteau Pound will spend 8 weeks living with an "inmate trainer".  These dogs will be taught basic manners such as sit, down, stay, wait, heel on a leash, heel off leash, they will be crate trained and potty trained.  In addition they may learn some fun tricks also! They will learn to tolerate being bathed, having their teeth brushed and nails clipped.  Our first group of dogs arrived at the center on Friday, February 1st.  We are excited about this partnership and can't wait to attend the graduation ceremony! All dogs going through the program will be available for adoption and if you are interested in a dog please fill out an application, if approved you would be welcome to attend the graduation ceremony and can take your new, well trained partner home! Chouteau Pound Pals still supplies the dog food and the crates as well as training treats and any other supplies that may be needed so donations are always apprec iated!







Please please please make sure your pets are spayed/neutered.  There are more adoptable animals in our area than there are families willing to adopt, it adds to the burden of rescues, pounds and fosters when unwanted litters of animals are dumped.  These puppies/kittens need to be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and fed before they can find their forever homes, and all of that costs a lot of money for the rescue organizations who rely on donations to keep their doors open.


As a non-profit, volunteer run organization we cherish every gift...large or small.  Thank You all so much!